Welcome to the land of Clootielugs where squirrels, rabbits and their like rule the roost. I love to make and sew and find inspiration from many sources although nature in its many forms tends to be the thing that fires my imagination most often!

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Friday, 11 March 2011


Of late I have had a wee break from sewing and concentrated instead on the joy of painting. I naturally veer towards a bold expressive style and tend to ladle on the paint! I've tried a more controlled and subtle approach with a modicum of success but must admit what I enjoy the most is free reign with the palette and paintbrush! So far I've listed some aceos and a larger A4 size painting in my Clootielugs Folksy shop. Acoes are small (2.5" x 3.5") artworks which are popular amongst collectors. I may dip my toe further into the paint pot later in the year as I am considering opening another Folksy shop concentrating on my paintings and drawings. Anyway - during the last few weeks I have come across innumerable wonderful works of art on Folksy and have been taken aback (in a great way!) by the breadth and diversity of talent there is within the Folksy community. Some are old hands, others are just discovering their potential, there are those who use the traditional mediums of paint and ink and others who create the most fantastic art with clay,yarn,wax,fabric,wool even wire! I have selected for this weeks Folksy Friday just six aceos to show some of the variety - but please go and explore all the art for sale - you'll be amazed!

AudreysArt has many fantastic examples, some prints, some originals all brilliant. Many feature animals; horses,dogs,cats but there are flowers and trees and fashion too! A very talented artist!

This aceo has been created using felting techniques - the colours are just gorgeous! The picture is made using 100% merino wool fibres! It can be found at the shop of That Fuzzy Feeling

This beautiful work is by MaxineVeronica and is made from polymer clay, metal leaf and gold plated wire! So clever!

Here is a lovely example of a ceramic aceo! Twice fired and using a variety of glazes it has been made by the very talented DotteryPottery - she paints too!

Isn't this stunning?! The colours are vibrant and the subject so pretty! This glass mosaic uses stained glass and features millifiori, it is made by Diana Jane Designs.
I love it!

Lastly, here's one of mine - using acrylic paints and a fearless approach to colour (!) I rather like the end result! This one's for sale in my shop! Clootielugs of course!

Friday, 4 March 2011

I've been making the most of the sunshine we've had recently and been out and about with Lucy the terrier investigating some of our favourite haunts not visited since last November when the heavy snow began to limit our excursions. I am aware when walking across the fields and through the woods at this time of year how alive with sound they are. The birds are full of song and busy about their business, there are rustlings and stirring in the undergrowth and there is often the gentle rhythmic hum of a tractor working nearby. I was struggling to come up with a theme for my Folksy Friday treasury this week but the wonderful music of nature has provided me with the inspiration I need. I have searched Folksy for items with a musical slant - and have chosen six to share today...

Shabby Cow makes these wallets from real sheet music cleverly sealed in a plastic coating. The wallets have six inner pockets and close with a concealed magnet. I think they're great!

This really grabbed my attention - A bracelet made from a recycled vinyl record!- What a wonderfully appropriate way of recycling! It can be found in Folksy shop; ShoeGazer Jewellery by Beccy Williams

This necklace caught my eye combining as it does the elements I am so aware of when out walking in spring...a musical bird expressing his love of the world! This is made by Penny Masquerade who also takes great care to package her items exquisitely!

Thematically similar but using very different materials, Spring Lark has created this gorgeous cushion. Depicting a delightfully whimisical bird celebrating the onset of spring with a song, this cushion comes with a duck feather inner so is guaranteed to be as comfortable as it is beautiful!

Everyone can join in with the chorus! This glorious sentiment is made big and bold in this print by Durnall Designs. Printed using antique letterpress blocks it makes a great statement!

Claydrop has captured the true joy of a singer caught up in the moment! This amusing but captivating ceramic figure stands 32cm tall!

So...all together now....'happiness, happiness the greatest gift that I possess'....what's the matter? No! Take your fingers out of your ears! What d'you mean what's that noise? - it's beautiful! - oh look! The cat's joined in....'happiness, happiness...'