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Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Essentials!

Here comes the bride - well after all the build-up, let's hope so!
I've gathered together some lovely Folksy items you will need to see you through the big day..

First of all you'll need to decorate yourself appropriate to the day ahead - I love these little brooches by Landbaby - they're cute enough to make any day special!

If you prefer wristwear I doubt you'll find anything better for today, or more patriotic, than this fantastic cuff from Jezebel Charms

"But what about the kids?" I hear you cry? There are plenty of girly accessories out there so I thought I'd hunt around for something for the boys and found this AMAZING tank-top at O'Hara Design's shop! Isn't it adorable?

Now for some all important room decorations - far too pretty to be used for one day and put away - surely this bunting by redneedle sewing is the perfect excuse to make this summer one long garden party!

To make certain you don't miss a thing, you'll need this gorgeous cosy from Uniquely Yours to ensure your cuppa stays nice and warm for the maximum time! It comes with a matching coaster for the excellent price of £6.50!

Oh! and you'll need your tissues to hand and after all that decorating you don't want ugly sniffle catchers spoiling all your hardwork! This sweet little cover will make sure your tissues are discreet and stylish! Beautifully made by Moody Cow Designs- it's another Folksy bargain!

Unfortunately washing up will be an intrinsic part of the day so why not make it as fun an activity as possible? This tea-towel by Jillty Drawings will certainly guarantee that - or if you can't bear to sully such a perfect design why not have it framed, it would make a fab artwork for the kitchen, don't you think?

There! Now you're all ready, so put your feet up and enjoy the spectacle!

Friday, 1 April 2011


With spring playing hide and seek still I decided to show the value of grey on this weeks Folksy Friday. Often used as a by-word for dull and boring I went on a search through Folksy to discover the beauty of this overlooked hue. Never disappointed by the Folksy sellers, I have, once more, found a stunning array of makes that show the tonal diversity and gorgeousness of the often maligned GREY.

First up is this cosy round cushion from Little Knitted House. Using two contrasting shades of grey wool offset with a warm cream, this cushion is further enhanced by a central grey button attached with ribbon and on the reverse side some tiny pearl effect beads.

This lovely pendant by JAustenJewelleryDesign is a great example of the tonal qualities of grey. The natural stripes of the agate combine with the curves of the heart to make a piece of wonderfully organic contrasts. The agate adds further interest due to naturally occurring variations; as maker Jacqueline explains "the gem is opaque in areas and translucent in other areas, giving a lovely feel to the piece."

With my own love of recycling textiles I was thrilled to find this gorgeous tote bag. Based in the Northwest of England near the beautiful Lake District designers "Cinnamon Girl" have dyed and printed recycled cotton fabric to make the bag which is entirely sewn by hand! I love honesty and think this deceptively simple design works fantastically on the dark slate grey background! On a more practical note - the bag is a perfect size don't you think?

I love birds and as visitors to my shop will have noticed I do make quite a few myself! I think these original printed cards by Ella Johnston Art are stunning and the use of soft grey inks against the cream card really adds to the gentle beauty of our native feathered friends. There is only one set in this colourway so if you're tempted you need to get in there quick!

Okay so this has bright yellow lining but doesn't it look great against the charcoal grey? I love this colour combination and the yellow stitching is the perfect finishing touch! Made by Folksy seller 'Pins and Needles' this Ipod cover also features a carefully stitched lead hole so you can plug in and tune out with ease!

Folksy artists 'Boy in Park' invite us to look at the world with fresh eyes. Through the use of their stunning photographic artwork they highlight and shed light on our relationship and interaction with everyday objects as well as our surroundings. In this image entitled 'Discarded Toy' the beach on which the toy lies has been allowed to 'fade to grey' and therefore the image of a child's abandoned/lost toy truck is very effectively brought rapidly into focus by the use of vibrant colour.