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Friday, 17 February 2012

Roll-up Roll-up!

I've had a busy fortnight:... orders to make; offpsring on holiday - which, as they are now older, entails me chauffeuring them half way 'round the country to various social engagments; eldest child off to interview for university - stress!; husband off for mid-term (bloomin' teachers eh?!); host of unexpected weekend visitors - nice but exhausting!;.and very irritatingly a seller of brooch-pins that failed to honour my paid for purchase...grrr....delaying my completion of orders for several days..more gggrrrr.....
So, to bring back the fun into my life and reduce the ggrrr factor I have made my theme for this week's Folksy Friday..the circus! So, tickets please...roll-up, roll-up..and...TO THE CIRCUS....

First, we require a tent, or to give it the correct circus terminology; a big top! I found these traditional stripey big-top gift boxes in Folksy shop The Inklings of Tess. You get two of these magical little boxes in a set, they arrive flatpacked and are super-easy to put together - phew! Gorgeous!

Next some clowns. My children have always found clowns a little scary and I must admit some do seem to have a sinister edge! Not so this artist bear clown from Granny Woolly's Bears and Friends!
Entirely hand-knitted, with a yellow hat and white and yellow clown's ruff, this is definately one cute clown!

Now we need some more acts for our circus! I'm not in favour of animals being exploited for our entertainment - although my dog might cast doubt on that statement! However, I think that in this, my virtual Folksy circus, I might agree to abandon my principles. This beautiful skirt from Folksy seller Rooby made my decision very easy indeed! I adore the soft colours and the retro images! The full styling of the skirt suits the fabric perfectly! What a triumph!

When non-animal circus' first came on scene...circus companies such as Cirque du Soleil and Archaos featured instead performers who pushed the boundaries of the human body. I remember seeing trapeze acts so fantastic they seemed to fly wingless though the air! Contortionists, who appeared to have dissolved their skeletons, and strong men with power three times that of Superman! I was delighted to find Monsieur Roderic, who I believe to be one of the finest example of this breed of circus performer. He clearly defies the limits of feline capabilites and looks sooooo very handsome in the process! I am certain you will agree, this strong cat is feline fantabulous!
Folksy shop, Cirque de Chausette, is a shop whose creator clearly defies the boundaries of imagination and talent! Monsieur Roderic is available as a custom buy only but Cirque de Chausettes are ready and waiting to accept orders!

As a finale to the whole circus experience I have picked one of Folksy's champions of the circus...seller Silent Theatre. In this magical shop you will find printed artwork that combines images old and new, that include alluring snippets of lace and fabrics. Butterfly wings attached to vintage ladies, burlesque dancers rubbing shoulders with movie stars and fairies. Here too you will find a print homage to circus, with references to Pierrot, a clown who originated with the Commedia dell'arte; kitsch and colourfully painted horses; and the bright lights,glittering sequins and pure magic of the circus.

I hope you have enjoyed the show! Can you hear the applause?