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Thursday, 13 May 2010

My first Folksy Friday! Theme is woodland, one of my favourite places to be! These are just a selection from the brilliant makers to be seen on Folksy....

this field mushroom http://www.folksy.com/items/436342 is as beautiful as it is unusual

what a cute li'l prickler!

What a sweet card - and who can resist a little mouse? Certainly not me, http://www.folksy.com/items/148594

I love the delicacy of this watercolour print


  1. gorgeous first theme, congratulations!!! :) absolutely love it Kellie x (itsthelittlethings)

    just about to post my own!!

  2. Yes, it is a lovely theme, and gorgeous thing. Love the li'l prickler : ) and the mushroom!My dad loves mushrooms, but maybe not that far (he's a man, and men can't wear brooches)

  3. love that watercolour print - lovely items :)

  4. What a lovely selection, I couldn't pick a favourite but the needle case would be very useful, I find them everwhere! Di x

  5. I love the little hedgehog so cute

  6. wow what cute items, so adorable! xx

  7. That's a lovely selection, especially the owl! Sue x