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Friday, 1 October 2010

Welcome to another Folksy Friday. With the turn in the weather and onset here in Fife of much wind and rain I thought I'd pay homage to the great British weather with a selection of my favourite weather inspired creations to be found at Folksy, I hope you like them as much as I do...

I spotted this card which made me smile, it's maker, Champignon has found a positive approach to the wet stuff!..

I love this bag, made by Gingham Square,I think the image is really sweet and at 13" x 10" a really practical size too..

Dollyknits have so many gorgeous chunky knits it was challenging to pick just one to feature, in the end I've plumped for this cowl.I love the colour and just know how cosy it would be!

This stunning corsage from Mud Puppy (great name, don't you think?) would brighten any day...and after all, we can all be someone's sunshine regardless of the weather!

I love the work of HiddenEloise. I have chosen this particular print today because of the title; "The girl with the six button red coat who hated skiing". We may not all ski but we've all felt like this little soul at some time!

Lastly, have a look at seller "Come Rain or Shine" whose entire shop is devoted to weather! I think this piece seems very appropriate, as, in the words of Crowded House, the great British weather really can be (and often is) four seasons in one day!!


  1. Thank you, great Folksy Friday and great write up to.

    I think I missed out snow though, hmmm back to the drawing board I think :)

    Gina from come rain or shine

  2. Such cute finds! That bag is really sweet