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Friday, 29 October 2010

I've missed a couple of weeks having been otherwise occupied with making tons and tons of stock for upcoming fairs and sales...that, and the school holidays and the corresponding chauffeur duties! Still, I'm here now and it is Friday once more. So what to do but.... FOLKSY FRIDAY!!
This week I've drawn inspiration for my chosen theme from my younger daughter. When she was very young (two, I think) she was quite upset one bedtime. I asked her what was wrong and she turned to me with teary eyes and said " I don't think I have any friends," I reassured her she had plenty of friends and named a few..but she was still very sad, so I asked her why she thought she had no friends and she replied "I think it must be because I'm so terribly tiny..."

Needless to say is a happy teenager these days with a buzzing social life..oh, and she's not so tiny anymore either!
So...this weeks FF is going to be centred around the theme of 'tiny' and in particular 'tiny boxes'..have a look and see what I've found...

this is adorable don't you agree? 'Icy' the miniature pony complete with accessories from Ellies Treasures

Alix Swan is a recent find of mine - her beautiful miniature books and stories are completely enchanting!

What a lovely unusual idea from Sepia Smiles! I can't think of a sweeter way of getting your message across!

I love this charming paper doll with her delicious wardrobe and WAG ambitions! From the immensely creative WonkyGiraffe

Isn't this wonderful? It really fires the imagination as to the origins of these teeny objects and the little case is just perfect! From comedaygoday

Grandma's Miniature Market is a wonderland of tiny produce and foodstuffs. Everything a dolly Michelin chef could ever need! And some lovely cakes too!


  1. I'm a sucker for all things tiny! I just can't help myself but tiny AND paper dolls!!! Love them

    Kate x

  2. Wow some real corkers there. I've never seen those shops before. Great choice!