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Friday, 7 January 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I've not presented a Folksy Friday for some time as I spent the last 2 months gearing up for various craft events and markets...well worth it in the end and I'm ready to hit the ground running in 2011. Not too fast however, not after all those mince pies and the icy weather is making running a bit of a fools errand for the time being. So a gentle jog may be more sensible and on that note here's a selection of what folksy has to offer in January 2011 for those whose New Year resolution may be to get more active...once the nicer weather arrives of course!

First up is this luscious bag to carry all your gymtastic bits in. Made by Loulabelle and with a handy inner zipped pocket,at least you're guaranteed to look glamorous going into the gym!

I love the colour of these hiking gaiters! It's little gems like these that might actually persuade me to get moving! Crocheted by Lemonade and Lemingtons they look super cosy too!

These iphone pouches come in lovely colours especially spring-like I think. I love the fact they come with a clip attached, all ready to go! Find them at Funky Diva Designs.

I love the liberty print fabric Nostalgia Knits has used to create this bag to store or carry your yoga mat. Mind you I'm not sure even wild horses would get me into the lotus position these days!

If this doesn't persuade you to get your dancing shoes on I don't know what will! A swirling, twirling gorgeous red skirt by Fashion Couture. Makes me think of a beautiful gypsy dancing around the embers of a camp-fire...maybe that's just me, but you have to admit it's a thing of great beauty!

And lastly for those of you who feel I've been a little over enthusiastic with my talk of get up and go, how about this fun pendant from Funky Pendants? Made from a reused scrabble tile, I like its honesty!


  1. Ta for the feature! I love all the colours - gorgeous! And the gaiters *are* very warm and chunky...quite yumsome!

    Lisa x

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you!

  3. Thanks for featuring my yoga mat carrier. All the best to everyone getting fit this year!

    Lorraine. x