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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Okay - there was snow, then there was more snow, then there was the big freeze, then there was ice, then there was freezing fog followed by more ice and then more snow. I loved it, then I grew indifferent, then I hated it, loathed it and have now come to accept it. So in order to embrace my inner ice queen I have chosen for Folksy Friday to show some of my favourite icy, snowy, pure as the driven slush (actually whiter than that!) creations available for sale in the wonderful Folksy shops this week! Please take a look yourself, I could only showcase a handful of the lovely items to be found. Browsing will always pay off at Folksy and is never time wasted!

First up is a little bird made by me, yes, that's right it's one of Clootielugs own! Well a bit of self-promotion never hurt anyone!

I think these are really pretty and could be used is many different ways...crocheted by Lovesagoodyarn

Next I've chosen this quirky necklace by Deer Little Fawn, good enough for Snow White herself!

I love this picture! Tiny sized ACEOs are proving really popular and quite collectable at the moment. Its a great way of buying very affordable original art and prints. This one is by Audrey's Art, a super talented artist!

These will light up the darkest corner! A beautiful handmade string of 10 glass fairy lights each sprinkled with a snow effect glass dust. Just magical! By Red Brick Glass

My final choice for this week is this totally flamboyant,gorgeous,flippant,decadent snow white delight! Who could resist? Created by The Crafty Bride.


  1. Nice selection! Thanks for featuring my necklace! :)

  2. Some beautiful things listed here, many thanks for including my ace hearts! :o)

  3. I love your little birdie! And those glass fairy lights are gorgeous. x

  4. You should show off your birds they are so cute.
    Great FF theme.
    {Dab and a dash.}