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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Burns Night

Well, next Tuesday actually but since this is the Friday before, I'm going to celebrate all things that Rabbie represents and that represent Rabbie....tartans, red roses, wee mice and maybe even a bonnie lassie or twa!

To start things off we'll need a bonnet and wha's better than at Imogen's Imagination, this one's in a classic colourway but these come in all sorts of wonderful colour combinations.

Next this impressive red rose bracelet from Shoogly Beads. It boasts czech beads, Swarovsk bicones and white freshwater pearls - just watch you dinnae tak yer laddies eye out wi' this one as he burls ye roon the dance-flair!

Something a wee bit different now - Burns was a man o' the people, a working man,who loved a tall tale and a wee bevvy, so I reckon he'd approve of this from Little Red Star.
This unique necklace is entitled 'Fairy Tales and Irn Bru'. Wonderful!

For those who prefer a more rural pendant there's none that fits the bill better than this delightful country scene from Aileen Clarke Crafts. Made using wet felting and needle felting techniques the colours are just beautiful.

I found these truly gallus cards when browsing through Folksy one day! Aren't they jist braw? And whit a bonny wee lassie! They can be found at Red Road Design where you'll find lots of other rare creations!

Now, some Scots dictionaries define the word 'blether' as 'idle chatter' but as those who of us who indulge in a daily blether ken, there's nothing idle aboot it! A blether is the best medicine and can heal the worst of woes. There's nae much wrang in the world that cannae be made better than richt guid blether! So wear your love of a blether with pride, this necklace is made by Too Much Fun, they have other word necklaces proclaiming 'och' and 'peely wally'! Inspired!

To finish this week's Burns inspired selection, I promised some wee mice... but nae wee, courin, timrous beasties here...these are cheeky fun-loving rodents and designed my me! Find them amongst my other eclectic designs at Clootielugs


  1. Great fun - you wouldn't be impressed with the accent I'm reading this with in my head though! Must go and investigate Aileens shop - her felted jewellery is gorgeous. x

  2. That's a braw selection Clootie Lugs and thanks affa fir including Shoogly's bonnie bracelet...
    PS I've added yer blog tae my list...

  3. Thanks for the feature! Great selection.

  4. What a lovely surprise! Thank you so much for including my wee Kirsty Cat!!

  5. thank you so much jill! and what wonderful timing....as in celebration of burns night, im offering free postage (to be refunded after purchase) on all tartan items across all my online shops!!!

    have a nosy at my facebook page for full details :o)


    thanks again,


  6. Very imaginative, and I seriously want that necklace. Can't see how my life would ever be complete without it. Ever.