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Tuesday, 22 February 2011


You know if you've ever gone a group walk of any kind, but particularly with kids, there's always a bunch that don't/won't keep up? Yep, that's them the stragglers. Well, it seems there's a fair few of us with stragglers in our Folksy shops. Things we've made that hang around at the back, overlooked and going nowhere fast. There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with them, infact in different situations like craft fairs or brick and mortar shops they may be front runners, best sellers even.... but online, and in our cyber shop, they seem to be treading water.
Well, this is mine...a sweet little embroidered blue tit mounted on beautiful patterned art paper and sold framed in a simple glassless pine frame.

Despite having been looked at lots this little blue bird remains unsold and has now languished so long she has been relegated to the back of the shop - awwww!
This week I asked other Folksy sellers what items they had that, despite expectations, remained unsold...
I got a great response and so I have selected thirteen to show you here...because as we all know, thirteen is unlucky for some! I hope their luck changes soon however and that these lovely makes will finally be appreciated for the stars they truly are!

This pair of earrings from Cosmiceden are the perfect example and continue to linger despite numerous views and being the highest placed 'favourite' in the shop! It's time this pup and her bone found a home of their own!

Auntyjoan created this gorgeous card to celebrate the birth of a baby boy! It's so cute yet it too remains shopbound.
So, if you know someone who's just welcomed a new boy into the world perhaps consider paying Auntyjoan a visit!

Bessieloves has named this swallow bracelet as her straggler! It's so pretty and very wearable so why has it yet to fly the nest I wonder?...

This card holder is proving to be sticky little devil! Made from faux leather and holding up to 16 cards it sells out at craft fairs but refuses to leave the comfort of Folksy shop; Wish....

Toadybobbins has one sheep motif cushion left, it's twin having left the flock some time ago and other two sibling motif bags have long since left too. This lonely sheep is looking for pastures new....

Wendy from 2Stitch has this reluctant little ACEO, beautifully embroidered using a free-motion machining technique it makes a stunning little artwork. Perhaps it's too snug in Wendy's gorgeous Folksy shop..

Look at this fantastic bag from Luvlii - ideal as a baby bag but roomy and adaptable enough to be suitable for many occassions. Like many stragglers it is oft admired but always pipped to the post - such a shame for such a delightful and useful bag!

How these remain overlooked I cannot tell! They have everything going for them....combining with ease that most elusive of combinations; practicality and sex-appeal! It's definately time these had their day in the sun! Find them amidst other wonderful apparel and accessories at Gaia Noir

Just like poor Cinders, this unique necklace by Kitsch Kitten is underrated and overlooked! Apparently very popular at face to face sales so perhaps it needs to be held to be appreciated...but feast your eyes upon its cuteness and you cannot fail but to be won over by it's quirky charm!

Aceo's are proving very popular on Folksy at the moment - and Artmagic creates some wonderful images on these little cards. Original and always full of colour and character she sells well...but like the rest of us has a couple of stubborn who refuse to move! Here's one that I think captures the spirit and originality of Artmagic's work..

Little Denim produces a wonderful array of mostly denim items. The denim used comes from dicarded clothing! Breathing new life into the fabric, Little Denim re-fashions the material into hairbands,bags, hats and bibs amongst other delightful creations.
The bib pictured below is so beautifully designed it manages to make dribbling stylish! Yet, like so many lovely things it is...yes, you've guessed it...another straggler!

Pauline from Paulines Crafts, creates amazing 'artichoke craft' fabric decorations. She makes them into a variety of unique home ornaments. Very sculptural and colourful they are always eye-catching and super tactile! Pauline's stragglers are equally vibrant and unique and so there is no apparent reason why they continue to be overshadowed by other decorations...here's one of Pauline's creations,the perfect colour comination for spring, and ideal for Mother's Day and Easter celebrations.

This little lost soul is still looking for his mam - where is she? This shot of a bronze statue was spotted in a play area in Zagreb, Croatia by Emma and Mark otherwise known as BoyInPark. Emma and Mark have the most innovative, interesting and contemporary photography on show in their Folksy shop. This image, of the little boy, has given their shop it's name but his work here is done, and now he needs to find a family of his own....perhaps he's just what you're looking for too?


  1. LOL this is a great idea for a blog post. I can't belive your wee bird hasn't sold it's so cute! All these items are great so fingers crossed for them!

  2. Brilliant idea for a blog topic.. some excellent items.. I enjoyed reading about them all : )

    Thanks for featuring my straggler..

  3. Why are these items still in your folksy shops??? They are great.

    {Dab and a dash.}

  4. what a lovely idea for a folksy friday.
    i blogged a few weeks ago about a bag i made that i just didn't like the style of at all - and it sold after 2 hours on folksy! all the items are lovely, you just never know...

    lisamarie x