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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Maybe, you can never be sure...there'll be knocks, rings,letters through your door......

We love the ones whose writing we recognise, we look forward to lots on our birthday an at Christmas, we dread the gas ones, and get all excited at the big brown bulky ones..what are they - 'they' collectively are; THE POST!

I've been a seller on folksy for some time now and rely our good old postal service not to let me down and so far (I'll just gloss over the incident of the empty envelope..)they haven't. First class, second class, special delivery...stamps, stickers and string...queues, scales, and now of course the persepex letter tester thing ..too thick? too long? Every envelope's an adventure!

With Christmas in mind..(yes, it really is just around the corner!),I have been busy making postman robins this week. I plan on taking the handsome fellows picture atop a postbox - just as soon as the weather brightens up! Here he is looking ready for action...

So, in homage to our sometimes beloved,sometimes infuriating Royal Mail...I present to you today... a Folksy postal selection...

This unusual little brooch,made to resemble an up-turned postman's hat, is cute,quirky and very British! Seller Starryeyedcrafts makes them in different colours and featuring different Royal Mail ephemera. At only £3, I think they would make a great little stocking filler!

I love the photographs of Gail Griggs and this one fits the bill perfectly for today's selection! Gail has photographed this vintage toy post van using a technique called ttv which allows her to retain the imperfections on the lens of her 1940s camera - wonderfully enhancing the van's vintage appearance. Gail offers this image as a greeting card too!

This postal band jewellery from the pica pica really caught my eye! For the past year my son has been avidly collecting these red rubber bands discarded by postmen on a daily basis so I was amazed and quite tickled (ooh Mrs!) while browsing Folksy to find that the pica pica designer Gosia Adamska has found such a unique and creative use for them!

This pouch, by The Undercover Owl, is every knitters delight! Ideal for storing knitting paraphernalia and preventing balls of yarn rolling about the floor as you work. With its vibrant pattern and great Post Office theme, I could see it being a hit with little children for postman games - I know I loved pretending to deliver letters to all the family when I was wee!

Purpose made for children to play post games this great little felt postbox and letter set will last for years! The set comes with one felt envelope and ten rectangular cards purpose made to fit the envelope. Clever maker, The Cheeky Squirrel, will make addition envelopes for just £1.50 each, so you're little postman...sorry, postal worker(!).. can be kept busy sorting and delivering the mail for hours!

I hope 'the post' brings a smile to your face today!


  1. Aww, thanks for including my pouch! I *love* your postman robin, how gorgeous is that!

  2. Really enjoyed reading up on your super Friday collection. I once did an 8 month stint way back as a post-lady!

  3. Fab topic and thank you for including my little mail van print too. I might have to put the toy post box on someone's xmas list ...

  4. What a great blog! Be sure to take a pop over to mine ( http://thoughtspawn.blogspot.com/ )Thank you Clootie!!! from starryeyed xxx