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Friday, 30 September 2011


It’s Friday, Friday
Gotta get down on Friday
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend
Friday, Friday
Gettin’ down on Friday
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend!

Such thoughtful words courtesy of Rebecca Black - (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzfQwXEqYaI - my favourite of the numerous parodies!)

Words shape our world. As our primary means of communication; words can hurt and they can heal, unite and divide, they can save our bacon and let us down, they allow us to describe innermost feelings and express connections between abstract concepts. I love words!I don't know if anyone watched Stephen Fry's fascinating programme 'Planet Word' (BBC 2 Sunday)? In it, Fry begins to explore how children develop language, how it continues and will continue to evolve, how language allows us to express a sense of past, present and future and the way our use of language sets us apart from all other species. Words.. words.. word...loving, annoying, celeberal, emotional, useful and nonsense...here's a selection of those on offer from Folksy sellers - I hope you enjoy my choices!

This lovely fabric braclet made by Spots and Stripes can be custom made to express lyrics of your choice. The combination of words and music have a particular magic and listening to a song can transport you straight back to a certain place and time in your life. This bracelet would make a meaningful and thoughtful gift to someone who shared a special moment and time in your life!

Words can of course be simply functional but this next item manages to combine functionality with emotion. One of the special moments in my life was when my lovely husband proposed to me on Jamaica Street in Bermondsey. I'm hoping I can pinpoint that particular spot in this gorgeous heart garland made by Naturally Hearfelt! It measures 3 foot long and is double sided so I've got twice the chance of finding my 'heartfelt' location!

Funky Mosaics uses words that resonate to make this unique and decorative wall plaque. Buzz words for the soul make this beautiful piece of wall art both heartwarming and inspiring. Take a look round maker Liz'z shop and marvel at her original and colourful mosaic work.

The desire to find a soulmate or 'special friend' is a very basic human need. We like to believe in fate, in love at first sight and love written in the stars but in our fast paced world sometimes we have to be a little more pro-active! Thus the hundreds of lonely heart adverts to be found in the back of newspapers all over the world! Folksy seller Phoebe Bee Bee has made these cute little keyrings from a lovely cotton fabric depicting examples of these adverts. I think these are really fun!

One of my favourite things about words is the way in which we can express emotional concepts through descriptions of physicality. Examples would be describing someone as 'hard hearted' or 'fluffy'! French writer and thinker Emile Zola once said 'I am here to live out loud'. I don't think he meant to shout his way through life but rather that he was not planning to live a subdued or submissive life.
My understanding of Zola's words was that he intended to live a life of zeal and conviction, to express himself freely and to agitate if necessary. Folksy shop, Blue Daisy Glass has captured this life-affirming quote in a grogeous pale green fused glass pendant. Why not take a boisterous browse round this beautiful folksy shop?

Of course, words can provide a wondeful way to relax as well and reading remains a top national pastime! I seldom sit down with a good book without a nice cup of tea to hand! This decorative papier mache sculpture by Cherry Tree Handmades combines my two favourite activities! The numerous petal shaped layers have been cut from the book '101 Things for a Housewife to do' which,as maker Cherry Tree says in her description, 'harks back to a bygone age, when people had TIME'. Well, I don't know about you but I've always got time for a cuppa! The teacup is further embellished with delicate decoupaged images of butteflies, bees and there's even a little ladybird in there too!

I hope you've enjoyed my tour of Folksy this Friday. Have a great weekend and remember to choose your words wisely and cherish our wonderfully rich and descriptive language!

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