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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Painted surfaces

This week I decided to dust off some prints of my original acrylic paintings and start to list them for sale in Clootielugs at Folksy.
I love painting...it's messy, it's instant, it's bright and colourful (if you want it to be - and I usually do!)...it's just good fun! When I was small, my mum insisted that I painted outside if at all possible - as even then I was so...very expressive... with paint!
I recently painted my first cloth doll - I really enjoyed that! I've decoratively painted furniture, doors and even my children in the past!
I started to think about all the different surfaces that can be painted and so in this week's blog choices I wanted to show some of the more unusual surfaces and objects that the creative folk at Folksy have painted -all in their own individual style!

My first Folksy find of the week was this attention grabbing bag by fellow Fifer Anna Mellon. Anna is the designer behind Folksy shop; Mrs Sew More. This talented artist often creates her own fabric designs using painting, printing, stamping, and quilting techniques. This fab bag I have chosen to show has been entirely hand drawn and painted! It is fully lined and even features a mobile phone pocket!Amazing!

I spotted my next choice, this wonderfuly painted silk scarf, in Folksy shop Lucy Look. I really love the fluid movement of the artwork on this..it's very free and flowing echoing the lightness of the fine silk itself. Lucy Look designer, Huskova Lucia, says "working with silk and colours is my love", and I think this is evident in her beautiful work.

I started searching for painted ceramics...and found a real gem of a shop in artist James Ward's Folksy shop, Jimbob Art. James caters to my love of furry creatures..and uses them to great humourous effect! I love that he references the plate's use as a food bearer item in all his handpainted pictures and quotes. So he has painted a scarily hungry wolf, a laid back biscuit-loving badger, and a very strident bear....but I'm going to show his adorable performing mouse...who could resist saving a few crumbs for this little rodent?

Now I must confess, before showing my next choice of item that my own nails are a disgrace!! I really don't do much to look after them, other than clean them and cut them occassionally and they are pretty much left to their own devices! Perhaps then I really ought to consider some of the brilliantly fun hand-painted nail designs to be found in Folksy's Niche Nails! These are pac-man nails...'what fun!!'..

Nails are very tiny surfaces upon which to paint..so as a contrast I looked for something much larger.
"Hurrah" I thought when I found this chair, "that's much bigger!"
Well, although considerably larger than a nail, this adorable chair is in fact only little, which is why it is called a 'tinkerbell chair'! Designer Charlotte Duffy has hand-painted 'cascading' floral blooms down the length of this cute little seat. Her colour choice is life-enhancingly vibrant and joyful! The jewel-bright flowers make this sweet little chair extra special! Charlotte has several gorgeous pieces of furniture in her magical Folksy shop, CharlotteDuffyDesigns. Please take a look!

My next find is wonderfully cheerful, and conjures up happy thoughts of summer holidays past and yet to come! I feel my mother would be putting Folksy artist Laura Lee in the garden were she to visit as Laura is a girl after my own heart it would seem! Mugs, teapots, egg-cups, jugs...Laura paints them all in her gloriously bold and beautiful artwork! This delightful butter-dish from Laura Lee Designs would make a happy addition to any breakfast table!

I've really enjoyed choosing this week's selection, and it was so interesting to see the different surfaces that Folksy makers have painted! Due to the restrictions of space and time I have, of course, not been able to include them all. I found lots of marvellous examples of painted wood for example, oh - and glass, and clay, and even stones.. but I must go now...I'm off to see what needs painting!!


  1. Thank you so much for including my nails. All the items featured are lovely :)

  2. Fantastic finds today! All very inspiring!

    Natalie x

  3. Gorgeous items you have chosen this week, so much talent on Folksy including your own !

    Thank you for visiting my blog.



  4. What a fantastic subject to choose and great finds.
    Love the chair. The bag is amazing...so much work!

    {Dab and a dash.}