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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Soundtrack...what would yours be?

What would be the soundtrack to your life? I have an eclectic taste in music but I have managed to choose 6 of my favourite songs and taken them as inspiration for my Folksy Friday finds! I hope you like my choices...

First up is Van Morrison's 'Brown Eyed Girl'...I am more of a sludgy grey/green eyed girl but I still love this song! I laughed out loud when I found these hilarious cufflinks by Folksy talent Nicola Margai in her wonderful shop, Grafika Jewellery! The perfect accessory to this song!

Next, is a song by Lone Justice,'Ways to be Wicked'. This was a great band from the late 80s/90s, lead singer Maria McKee is best known for her chart hit 'Show Me Heaven' but this, in my opinion, is much better! I've found this bold and truly 'wicked' necklace, in Folksy shop 'Cherryloco Jewellery'! Designer, Lauren Ridley has created a fantastic range of fun and quirky jewellery that is not to be missed!

No songlist is complete without a Smiths song, with Johnny Marr's musical genius and Morrisey's unrivalled wit! Alarmingly they are now my daughter's favourite band - so glad she's got taste and style - must get it off her mother... I've chosen 'This Charming Man'...and lo and behold! I have indeed found this charming gentleman, Fred, in Diane Goldie's Folksy outlet, 'Crochet Bright and Beautiful'. Diane has many strings to her bow, puppeteer, painter, children's entertainer, crocheter..and her shop reflects these many talents! Why not pop in for a look around?

Anyone remember 'The Senators'? Totally unfair they never reached the giddy heights of chart success! Mind you, Mick did once get into a fight with Mike Yarwood (70s T.V impersonator - my apologies to anyone under the age of 37!) on a flight to Japan - now that's got to be a real mark of success! Ive chosen 'Ordinary Heartbreak' today - 'cause I love the video! I've chosen this gorgeous mosaic heart by Kirsty Whitrow of 'The Pixie Workshop'. Made from a broken (that's your 'break') plate and tiny pieces of glass and millefiori it is a thing of beauty and far from 'ordinary'! See what I did there? Kirsty's shop is absolutely stunning and well worth a visit, please go and see her work for yourself!

My next choice is a little more recent, 'The Ting Tings', 'That's Not My Name',...just a brilliant song and livens me up every time I hear it! I frequently need livening up! These crayons are pretty lively too - in a host of colours and letter they are made by the brilliant 'Colour Me Fun' who have a variety of fun shaped crayons perfect for little hands!

Lastly I've gone for the brilliant Dwight Yoakham, this particular song,'Bury Me', was co-written with Maria McKee from Lone Justice. Just shows what happens when two great talents collide. OK - country music is not to everyone's taste I know...but so many of my favourtie songs are sung by Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Steve Earl,Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson and others, I have to 'fess up - I'm a hillbilly at heart!
I spotted this intricate and beautiful print 'And So I Buried My Heart' by artist and Folksy seller, Laura-Kate Chapman several week ago and thought how stunning it is. Visit her Folksy shop 'Laura-Kate Draws' and you step into a world of anthromorphic animals, fantatical pattern and glorious colour! Many of Laura-Kate's designs are applied to mugs and she has even has a complete coffee set embellished with her wondeful illustrative style!

I hope you have enjoyed my soundtrack choices, I've had great fun choosing!


  1. What a fun blog and great finds to go with your soundtrack!

    Natalie x

  2. Oh I am honoured to be included in your blog and what a fantastic song choice. I'm a big Smiths fan ( was one of those originals way back then, yes I'm old) but also proud to say my daughters also like the Smiths.

    Thanks for the link to my folksy site and many thanks for your very kind words.
    Great idea for a blog post btw, it really is a very creative linky post. High five to you!

    Diane from Crochet Bright and Beautiful and Diane's Puppets ( kidspartyheaven)

  3. This is such a fun post! Love it. Hx

  4. Great theme :o)
    Yours is my favourite FF today :o)
    (and brown eyed girl is a fav of mine)

    {Dab and a dash.}

  5. That bury my heart underground picture is very unusual.
    I like brown eyed girl as well, although I am a blue eyed one.

  6. Great choices all round - shops & songs! That Charming Man Marionette is brilliant. Shaz x