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Friday, 13 January 2012


is the thief of time...
How true that is! This week I finally completed my tax return and do you know, it wasn't half as bad as I'd built it up to be, and now it's done the relief is fantastic. Why didn't I get it out of the way earlier you might ask? It's a question I'm mulling over in my mind too - perhaps fear (but of what?), perhaps laziness (but I've been a hive of creative activity this week, as well as running around after the kids, and taking the dog for a twice daily walk/run!), perhaps a trace of my old anti-authority attitude took hold? Mmmm maybe, but I'm a married law-abiding house-owning mother in her early something or others (I'm not giving more away!), so not such a rebel after all! I've no idea what held me back but I've learned my lesson - and next time I'll be on it like a hungry hyena, I'll be done and dusted by May 1st!

Here's my Folksy selection this Friday. Inspired by theifs, vagabond and rogues...hope you like my choices!

First I have chosen this wonderful framed magpie,...theiving royalty! Cut from copper and beautifully enamelled by artist Fiona Cameron this makes for a unusual and eye-catching piece of art.

My next choice is this pretty heart - proving theives can be romantic too! Made by Folksy potter David Barber, this would make the sweetest Valentine gift. David has a wonderful collection of ceramics in his shop - why not stop by and see for yourself?

Don't tell my husband but I think I'm in love with another!! I've always been a sucker for the bad boys and this next chap as got me weak at the knees! I know he's a wrong 'un but with his swarthy looks and treasure bags of charm how can a girl resist? Created by the wonderfully inventive Abi Mullett, you can find 'Barnacle Bert' along with his colourful friends in Abi's shop Smonsters! I won't tell if you don't!

This next trickster made me laugh out loud! I love his description and the wicked glint in his eye! Tiny but deadly it would seem....Made by 'The Mouse', (who has a wonderful turn of phrase - please take time to read her profile!) this little ferret is to be found in Folksy shop Moss Mountain...despite, or perhaps because of, his cunning ways he seems to have lots of friends!...

My next item is made in a fabric I am familiar with. 17th century textile designer (amongt other things) William Morris designed this glorious pattern entitled 'The Strawberry Thief'. The thief is, of course, a blackbird, helping himself a juicy crop of the little red jewels! Folksy maker, Denise Gould, has used this fabric brilliantly to create this delightful covered notebook. Her shop Dottie Doodles is full of quality textile creations, her crayon rolls are fabulous!

Last today I will feature the latest addition to my own shop, Clootielugs. I have called her 'The Poacher's Daughter' and from the contents of her coat it looks like she's a chip off the old block!


  1. Hi Clootie...I always like reading your Folksy posts as you put so much into them...descriptive and funny!
    The Yellow monster gets a big thumbs up from me (-;

  2. Great blog post. Love the theme and the selections. The poachers daughter is great!